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    Market the Real 'You'

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    Personal Branding confidently reflects a professional image that complements your natural personality and abilities. Will your documents and career pitch reveal the real you?

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    Resumes to Win Interviews

    In less than 15 seconds your Resume will either win you an interview or kill your chances. What's your Resume like?

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    Win the Interview!

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    It only takes 12-15 seconds to form a first impression. Will you give an impression that you want the Interviewer to be left with?

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    Compelling Resumes/CVs and Cover Letters will make you stand out from other candidates. Will yours?

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    Get the Job You Really Want!

    Successful Job Search Strategies

    Around 85% of all jobs are in the "hidden market". Do you have a strategy to tap into these opportunities and get the job (and salary) you want?

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    Career Tools and Resources

    Climb your career ladder faster with up-to-date advice, and free tips, tools and resources.

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    Career Packages for Each Career Step

    Coaching & Career Documents For All Levels

    Success requires a job search strategy, well-written career documents, and confident interview skills. Will coaching or a Career Package help you?

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    Coaching & Career Documents For All Levels

Professional CV/Resume Writing Service

Want To Advance Your Career And Improve Your Job Search Outcomes?

To advance your career and improve your job search results you will need a unique, distinctive and targeted (Curriculum Vitae) CV/Resume.

To prepare your own CV/Resume are you confident:

  • What your first step should be?
  • How to market yourself effectively on paper?
  • You have the time, motivation, and/or resources needed to succeed?

A Professional CV/Resume Writing Service can help fast track your job search efforts and maximize your career outcomes.


Should You Use A Professional CV/Resume Writing Service?

Not sure if a Professional CV/Resume Writing Service is right for you? Ask yourself:

  • Will my CV/Resume ‘make the grade’ and get noticed amongst hundreds of other job applicants?
  • Does my CV/Resume get enough interest to prompt the recruiter to call me for an interview?

If you answer no, or are unsure, a Professional CV/Resume Writing Service can make the difference. Let me help you. Why waste valuable time and job opportunities because your CV/Resume fails to get the attention it deserves? As an internationally qualified, professional Resume Writer I have proven success in helping clients at every career turn gain interviews.


A High-Impact, Professionally Written CV/Resume Will Make You Stand Out

The first step in gaining an edge, and ultimately success, in an increasingly competitive job market demands a high-impact CV/Resume and Cover Letter.

I will make you ‘stand out’ from other job candidates. By drawing out your ‘hidden skills and talents’ I create a professional, succinct, powerful and appealing CV/Resume targeted toward your career goals.

“Eifron - As per usual, you have done another flawless piece of work! I am so impressed when I read what you put together. You certainly have your craft and abilities in your career…”

For help with a winning CV / Resume that will gain you interviews...

Call or email now!