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Evaluate And Prioritize Opportunities

Evaluate and prioritize every job opportunity before you apply. Prepare yourself with the right application for each position to make career decisions easy.

To assist you make the best decision for your career, evaluate and prioritize every job opportunity as it arises.

TipsTake time to conduct a thorough self-assessment, do your research and gather relevant information. Now you are ready to identify and pursue opportunities.

  • Make contact ~ develop a prospect list and begin contacting prospects.
  • Find job leads ~ there are many sources of job leads; use multiple strategies to maximize your results.
  • Record-keeping ~ keep track of numerous contacts, appointments, phone calls, correspondence, etc. involved in your job search.

To evaluate and prioritize your opportunities use this great worksheet to find and Evaluate Your Opportunities.


Don’t risk taking shortcuts. Your job search campaign will most certainly benefit from taking the time to evaluate and prioritize every opportunity.

Service providers to assist you with your job search and employment opportunities.

Worklife Balance: http://www.worklifebalance.com.au/

The term ‘worklife’ was chosen to reflect our continuing work in research, counselling, training and publishing material which relates to improving people’s enjoyment from their employment activities


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