Career Objective Worksheet

After working through the Skills Assessment Worksheet, use the information from the worksheet to complete the Career Objective Worksheet below and help you identify and practice expressing your career objective. While using a career objective is not common practice on your résumé, it will however, give your résumé a focal point to inform employers what you can to do for them, and demonstrate the benefits you offer them.

1. Job Title:

2. Major Skills Areas Important for the job:


3. Specific tasks and/or accomplishments needed for the job:


4. Number of years experienced in desired field:

5. Most important personality trait needed for the job:

6. Check the main benefit(s) you will bring to the job:

  • Increase sales?
  • Increase market share?
  • Improve efficiency?
  • Develop new products?
  • Improve system performance?
  • Improve employee work performance?
  • Promote good customer relations?
  • Attract new clients?
  • Other?


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