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What Must My Resume/CV Do For Me?
  • Be professional, concise, powerful and appealing
  • Rapidly capture interest
  • Motivate the recruiter to read on
  • Showcase your strengths and achievements that relate to your target job
  • Influence the recruiter to act
Why Not Write My Own Resume/CV?
Maybe you could, but first, ask yourself:
    • Do I believe I am sufficiently 'objective' about what I have to offer to market myself effectively?
    • Do I have vital knowledge of the recruiting industry and/or its processes to avoid seriously jeopardizing the final product?
    • Can I juggle the demands on my time and put it together successfully?
    • Is my composition and written presentation skills enough to compete against other accomplished candidates?
    • Do I have the knowledge and experience in knowing what information is relevant, what works, and what definitely should not be included?
    Your Resume or Curriculum Vitae could mean the difference in winning the job you really want. If you, like so many others, realise the value in having a professional resume writing service help with writing your Resume or CV contact us now to get on your way to an interview winning Resume.
Why Invest With Career Choice Resumes?
You have the advantage of the extensive experience and skills of an Australian ‘internationally credentialed’ Writer who is affiliated with world leading industry career organizations. Your Writer is current with Resume writing and recruiting trends both locally and internationally. You receive personalized attention by:
  • Liaison with your Writer throughout the process
  • Assessment of your needs on an individual basis
  • Flexibility and range of services to suit your own specific needs
  • A professional, customised Resume that:
    • Showcases your unique attributes, skills and achievements
    • Effectively markets your worth to the employer
    • Is up to date and abreast of industry standards
    • Each resume/cv is individually crafted, no ‘commercial' templates are used.
    • You have lifelong access to your documents.
    • Ease of future updates.
What Will I Need To Provide?
Any, or all of the following will help to craft a unique marketing tool- your Resume/CV
    • Details about your individual skills and experience (You will receive a worksheet to assist with these)
    • Details or copies of current job descriptions
    • Details or copies of previous job descriptions
    • Examples of achievements or areas you have ‘stood out’
    • Copies of any older, existing Resumes or CVs if available – printed or electronic/flash
    • Any certificates, relevant education records or dates if available
    • Copies of any references, awards, rewards, or recommendations
    • Copies of, or links to position advertisement being applied for or are similar to the types of job you are targeting
How Long Will It Take?
  • Once relevant information is received from you it is usually between five and ten (5-10) business days turnaround for most resumes…
  • We strive to meet your time frames wherever possible, though best outcomes are achieved by allowing sufficient time to ‘get it right’
  • Express Service available for more urgent requests by arrangement only
  • Final documents are prepared together with any additional formats following confirmation of your review of the drafts
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What Is The Process?
    • Once a firm request for services is received an Order Agreement is emailed to you to confirm services ordered and details of payment required.
    • On return of your signed Order Agreement and confirmation of payment, a Project Worksheet is emailed for you to complete to gather the required information.
    • If a verbal consultation has been arranged the worksheet will still be sent to give you time to gather or think about the details prior to your appointment.
    • Verbal consultation is conducted via phone, Skype or face-to-face as arranged.
    • The first draft is emailed to you generally five (5) to seven (7) business days following receipt of all required information.
    • An ‘Express Service’ is available for more urgent projects.
    • Once you have finished reviewing your draft copy/ies and you advise of any changes required, revisions are emailed for final review before final documents are prepared.
    • Any additional formats are prepared at this final stage.
    • Final documents will be emailed electronically as well as a CD and printed copies posted to you via Australia Post if these are part of you order.
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Should I Use A Free Resume Template?
  • With the job market growing more competitive by the day, a high impact Resume or CV and Cover Letter is vital in gaining the edge to win the job you desire.
    • Is your Resume likely to be noticed amongst hundreds of other candidates if it is written using a frequently used free template?
    • Is it going to readily capture the reader's interest and compel them to call you?
    If you, like many others say "no" - the solution is a tailored, powerful, and well-designed Resume, precisely aimed at your career focus - developed by an experienced Certified Resume Writing Professional.
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