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11 March 2018
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8 Tips For Looking For a Job – While You Still Have One

8 Tips on Looking for a Job While You Still Have One! Did you know the best time to look for a job is when you are already gainfully employed? Here are 8 tips to help you look for a job discreetly. Search your company’s jobs database first. Look to see if your current employer […]

26 March 2013
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Articulate Your Goals For an Effective Job Search

Articulate Your Goals For an Effective Job Search Part of the entire job search process is knowing how to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals to improve your career. If you do not create a positive plan to achieve something, you will probably end up with nothing, or certainly achieve well below your […]

19 March 2013
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Identify Suitable Careers for Real Job Satisfaction

Identify Suitable Careers for Real Job Satisfaction Which job is right for you? To find your perfect career takes time and hard work – you need to research and investigate all options to identify the career that is most suited to your interests, abilities, enjoyment and lifestyle. No-one will be able to help you if […]

12 March 2013
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How To Assess Your Skills For Career Success

Why Assess Your Skills? The first step toward making wise career decisions is to assess your skills and job preferences. Understand what your personality type, aptitudes, skills, strengths and weaknesses are. You need to identify these at the start of any successful job search campaign. Does it really matter? Yes – if you want to […]

5 March 2013
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Why Evaluate Your Career?

Why Evaluate Your Career? Evaluating and identifying your career objective will make your job search more effective. To find your ideal job you need to first identify your own knowledge, skills and experience. To get the job you want you have to convince employers that you have the skills they need. A common mistake many […]

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