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The importance of a cover letter. It looks great and speaks volumes. I appreciate that you remembered what I mentioned to you about ….. and incorporated that bit into the cover letter. I can't thank you enough. You are very good at what you do - a stellar performance by my take on it. Everything looks great. AV- Illinois, US (Aug 2008)

I have an induction course tomorrow at …... Start this week, Great hrs for the moment, and when i come back in feb i have a job lined up at …. in Design, layout, advertising and sales...It's PERFECT!!!! Went and talked to the editor today who said i had a "very impressive resume"!!!! Thankyou soooo much! Really appreciate your help!

What Clients Say

  • Eifron, Thank you for your time and effort. I highlighted the changes that I made. Let me know what you think. Thank you again for your creativity and remarkable use of the language. If you want to talk before changing anything you can call me anytime at ………... I would like your input. JC (National Operations/Sales Manager, US 3/2004)

  • Thanks for doing such a great job for me Eifron! The cover letter looks great, thanks so much. I wish I could write and speak like that. I made two corrections; otherwise, I'm very very happy with it. Take care. SF (Senior Executive Assistant, US 3/2004)

  • Hello Eifron,  Thank you so much for your efforts and support for my career goals, the resume and cover letter look great. Again, thank you  Take Care and Best Regards,  AH (Sales Management, US 3/2004)

  • Eifron - You are a talented writer! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You really captured my background, leveraged great buzz words, and made my accomplishments stand out. I am very impressed and can't thank you enough. Thanks so much, MS (US 2005)

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