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Order Process

How to Order a Resume, Package, or other Service.

Initial preparation for your project begins well before the writing stage; this includes information gathering and strategy development through to writing, revisions, and final delivery of your product.

Each project includes initial consultation, comprehensive information gathering process, resume and strategy development, and written by experienced and internationally Certified Resume Writers, editing and proofing, and up to 2 revisions

Our Process

On ordering a service and as part of our process and to help us deliver the absolute best results for your resume we need detailed career information which your existing, or old, resume can deliver in part. In addition, a questionnaire is completed to ensure we do not miss anything relevant. Your responses can be in writing, or via phone or video conference such as Zoom or combination of both.

Once we have all information required, draft copies of your documents will be emailed to you within 8 business days. At that time, you will have every opportunity to ask for any changes you deem necessary and to check for content and accuracy.

When any changes you require are incorporated, and you are completely happy with your documents, final copies will be prepared and emailed to you within 2 business days, and will include (depending on your selected products):

  • Resume professionally prepared and geared to your employment goals designed in two versions: – 1) Visually designed version for presentation and is suitable and well received by companies and employers. 2) Version designed to suit HR and recruitment agencies who prefer a ‘simpler’ appearance.
  • Cover Letter developed to your employment goals, targeting specific employers, recruiters, or industries, highlighting key strengths and achievements, competencies, aptitude, and qualifications.
  • Referee page listing referees and designed to match the style of your resume.
  • Any additional products ordered.
  • Selected career resource sheets
  • Digital versions delivered by email in MS Word and PDF formats.
  • Lifetime storage of documents (with conditions^)

To confirm an order

  1. Reply” to your email advising acceptance of our services and fees quoted. NOTE: Terms and Conditions below.
  2. Confirm payment – A detailed invoice will be emailed reflecting payment.

Payment Policy

Payment is required at the time of placing order or prior to work being commenced.

Payment Methods

  1. Direct Debit/Bank Transfer
  2. Visa/Mastercard – By phone or by email/SMS link (NOTE: + 2.9% surcharge)
  3. Cash – In person transactions only

Terms and Conditions

This agreement authorises Career Choice Resumes (hereinafter referred to as CCR) to create or update the document/s and/or provide the services outlined in this email. Full payment is to be received at the time of this initial agreement or agreed deposit before the project is commenced. Any remaining balance is payable prior to receiving the first draft. This agreement is deemed to be accepted on receipt by CCR via email or in person.
I (you, the client) acknowledge that by appointing CCR fees are for services ordered. I accept that I am responsible for advising CCR of a decision to terminate this agreement and acknowledge that a fee for the time (including all information gathering, emails and preparation of materials) spent on the work will be charged at the current hourly rate of $85.00.
Writing fees include preparation of a first draft and up to two edits. Any change by me to the initial brief may incur additional fees which will be discussed / disclosed at the time of request.
I agree that by appointing CCR I will complete the Worksheet Questions within 14 calendar days of the date they are received by me. This is to enable CCR to schedule and prioritise workload and maintain a high level of personalised service for each project.
Once the first draft document/s have been completed by CCR they will be emailed to me for review, comment, and editing. I will read through the document/s carefully and advise CCR of any amendments or adjustments required.
I understand that failure to respond within 14 days of receipt of the first draft will be deemed as a completed project, with no adjustments/alterations required to be completed by CCR. After this time, further consultation or revisions will be subject to fees, charged at an hourly rate.
I agree that the career and personal information provided to CCR is truthful–and any inaccurate or misleading information in the final documents is not the responsibility of CCR. I understand that final proofreading is my responsibility and will verify accuracy of all dates, spelling, and included information.
Copyright Career Choice Resumes 2021. Work produced is the intellectual property of the author. Permission is granted for the work to be distributed and amended by the recipient for their personal and intended use only. It is not permitted to be distributed, reproduced, or copied for any other purpose without prior written permission.
Any dispute with the terms and conditions of this agreement must occur within 24 hours of receipt, or full acceptance is assumed on receipt of Order and/or Payment.

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